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The end of the year might seem like a time to chill out. Relax. Take a breath, do some downward dog, and get all namaste to try and wash away the vibes of the year that was.

In our neck of the woods, though (er, Route HQ), we’re pretty much go-go-go every darn day of the year. We get excited from the brands that keep thriving, growing, and hustling to bring the world the cool stuff 😎. Independence. Originality. All that jazz.

Which is why as long as these brands are busting their butts, we’re going to be touting their wares right here in this product roundup.

(Also, Santy has been checking his lists for a while now. Need some last-minute ideas for something to stick in a stocking?)

Boka – Boka Kit ($75)

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Toothbrushes have taken an unlikely turn from “boring must-have” to “cool and trendy must-have.” Boka is a D2C oral care company making brushin’ up fun (why not!) and safe again. It’s true—do you know what’s in your toothpaste? Most people don’t, which means most people just don’t know the dangers their paste harbors. 

Boka is on a mission to make the most effective oral care wares that are also the safest. They know the mouth is the No. 1 source of disease in our bodies, and Boka purely wants to clean it up. 

The Boka Kit is the perfect all-in-one starter kit for folks who want to get on the road to better mouth health in 2021. 

Every Boka Kit comes complete with these goodies:

  • Sonic-powered electric toothbrush (and its magnetic charging base)
  • Two brush heads outfitted with soft activated charcoal bristles 
  • A 4 oz. tube of toothpaste free from artificial flavors, parabens, and harmful fluoride. 
  • Minty bees wax floss, also free from harmful foes like Teflon and petroleum 

To make sure your healthy habits stick around, Boka also gives you the option to sign up for a subscription. Pick how often you want Boka to drop on your doorstep, and your stock will be magically replenished with toothpaste, brush heads, and floss at a discounted price (and free shipping). 

The Boka toothbrush comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty to boot. Plus, for every brush bought, they donate one to their nonprofit partner, Surge. Cleaner mouths all around? Yes, please. 

Salomon – Propeller Long Gloves ($90.00)

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Nothing is worse than a day on the slopes being brought down by sloppy gloves. Soaked mitts are a surefire way to get icy fingers, frostbite, and a bad time. Plus, nothing feels quite as painful as thawing your frozen phalanges.

The solution? Salomon. For the past 73 years, Salomon’s been a brand dedicated to helping folks feel like one with nature. Starting as a ski company in Annecy, France, it’s been innovating all things skiing while staying true to a “light-hearted maverick personality.” 

The Propeller Long Gloves embody the spirit of staying out to ski longer with toasty dry hands. The long cuff with adjustable drawstring keeps the powder out while the ThermoLite® MICRO insulation makes ‘em warm and soft without the bulk. And while the softshell and leather palm outer keeps the cold and damp out, the AdvancedSkin Dry tech makes sweaty palms a problem of the past. 

Even with all this innovation crammed into a single glove, our favorite part is the ultra soft nose wipe on the thumb. No one likes frozen snot.

Timbuk2 – Custom Tuck Backpack ($99)

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If you’ve ever shopped for a bag, then odds are good you’ve come across Timbuk2 more than once. This bag brand hails from San Francisco, which probably explains why it’s just so cool.  But like their About page clamors, it was never about bags for Timbuk2.  The story starts in 1989, and, well, I’ll let them take it from here:

“But it was never really about bags – it was what the messenger bag made possible. A new community of urban nomads emerged, moving fluidly through the chaos, pivoting from meetings to meetups, outsmarting the challenges of the city.

Thirty years on, we’re still taking meaningful risks, building quality bags and giving a damn about the world around us, with a keen eye on the past and the future.”

This Custom Tuck Backpack epitomizes the freedom that a bike and a good bag empower. It’s the perfect size, so you won’t get bogged down, and the rolltop offers easy access and adjustability when packing big—or small—goodies. 

The custom part of this bag gives you the freedom to change every panel and strap to fit your own unique style and color palette. Stay subtle or scream it out, the choices are yours and yours alone. Oh, and if anything should ever go wrong, send it back for free repairs.

The dual side pockets are a fit for U-locks or rain gear, while the vista loop gives you the perfect spot to snag your blinky light because safety first, friends. Padded shoulder straps and durable water-resistant exterior complete this practical and perfect bag.

Pura Vida – Pave Wave Necklace & Earring Set ($28)

Shop the Pave Wave Jewelry Set

Pura Vida is all about celebrating the independent artists, makers, and merchants that make this world exciting and different. With more than 800 artisans from Latin America, India, and beyond featured in one place, it’s tough to find another source for celebrating your own style. 

The Pave Wave design empowers people to be bold, be themselves. Waves symbolize everything from celebrations and deep emotions to secrets or opportunities. Maybe the wave expresses your adventurous side or even your inclination to be one with the water. Whatever the wave means for you, this is one heckuva way to express it. 

This high-quality necklace and earring set features the iconic wave design in cubic zirconia stones set in rose gold-plated brass fixtures. While this is an affordable duo, you can wear the wave in more ways when you add on the Pave Wave ring, anklet, and more. Since Pura Vida offers AfterPay for any order totalling more than $35, you won’t have to worry about draining your bank account to complete your collection. 

Not only will the Pave Wave gems make you feel good (guaranteed), you can also get a boost of serotonin knowing that your goods will arrive in eco-friendly packaging, artisans will continue to be supported, and your purchase goes towards the millions of dollars Pura Vida donates. You’re not just doing good for yourself—you’re doing good for the planet.

The Feed – Airofit Breathing Trainer ($299 $254)

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You might think the only way to bulk up or boost your endurance is to lift heavier or run longer, faster. The Feed is here to say put down those extra bumper plates, bruh, and turn that treadmill down a tick or two. Get more oomph from your workout with a smaller piece of equipment—the Airofit breathing trainer. 

The Airofit trainer taps into Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) to improve athletic performance by 8% in just 8 weeks. This evidence-based training that wrings the most outta every minute you spend in the gym by exercising your lungs like you exercise your muscles. 

The patented Breath Training Device fits comfortably in your mouth as you breath. Little pressure sensors pick up on how you’re breathing and relay that info to the free Airofit training app.

The app walks you through daily workouts—perfecting inhalation, holding your breath, and exhalation—and as your lung strength improves, the training gets tougher by twisting the knobs.

The Feed has a knack for selling only the best fuels, tools, and tips for athletes of any sport. Which includes the Airofit for training beyond your typical routine.

Smallwoods Home – Merry Little Christmas Sign ($115)

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Few sentiments get people in the holiday spirit quite like someone wishing you to have a merry little Christmas. Smallwoods home decor is built to add charm into any home, new or old, with items that beckon warm feelings and cozy rooms. 

The Merry Little Christmas sign is the perfect addition to any home celebrating Christmas and looking for that last bit of charm. Not only is this a customizable piece, offering varieties in size and finish, but it’s the perfect complement to other items offered by Smallwoods.

We’re all spending more time at home this holiday season, so take a gander and gather up the perfect handcrafted pieces to add a touch of joy in any nook.

Canada Goose – Winter Parka ($808.22)

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Cold weather is tough. Staying warm in sub-zero temps is one thing, but most importantly, it’s tough to look gooOOood if you’re hidden under layers of puffy clothes. The fashion-forward folks living in frozen tundras can finally rejoice thanks to this winter parka from Canada Goose.

Every detail from the cold-blocking rib-knit cuffs to the down-filled hood is built to keep the chill out without sacrificing a smidge of fashion. This parka’s Arctic Tech design means staying warm and dry in extreme conditions. And since this puppy’s stuffed with Canadian white duck down, you can count on feeling cozy as the mercury dips to 5-below-zero. 

While the price tag might seem a bit puffed on its own, Canada Goose is a brand that rests on supreme craftsmanship. Since 1957, every jacket’s been cut, sewn, and stitched together to endure the toughest of conditions in the north.

No detail is left to chance, which is why Canada Goose goods are fully warranted against defects and workmanship as long as they exist. (And if feeling good in your toasty warm layers wasn’t enough, feel good knowing that Canada Goose gives back to the planet and neighboring Inuit communities.)

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