Route’s Favorite Products: March 2021 Roundup

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Apr 15, 2021

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The past few months have seen an abundance of pandemic-inspired ecommerce brands launch into life on the web. From cozy loungewear to better systems for organizing a desk to more bidets than you can shake a stick at, the entrepreneurial wheels have been spinnin’. 

The diversification of brands means consumers are more free than ever to find products that meet their needs and fulfill their unique lifestyles. As ecommerce booms, shoppers are more empowered than ever instead of being confined to the selection at the same dozen big box behemoths.

All of this means that there’s no shortage of wares to discover on the world wide web. See what brands we uncovered for the first time (or fell in love with all over again) in the rest of this roundup. From good eats to good workouts, there’s a broad gamut of goods to glean inspiration from or add to your life. Giddy up!

Shop on, shoppers: 

Talia di Napoli Pizza — Mother’s Day 8-Pack ($119.99)

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a picture of two pizzas, one is heart-shaped and one is round

Grocery delivery has become more commonplace this past year as the global pandemic drove the need for an easy way to get groceries without leaving home. And, of course, pizza delivery is the OG service for convenient grub, so it only makes sense that Talia di Napoli is onto something great when they mashed the two worlds together.

This Mother’s Day 8-pack is the primo way to celebrate the moms in your life (or simply get this yourself and it’ll be our little secret). Order up and get four heart-shaped 😍  margherita pizzas and four tartufina pizzas (sauce, mozz, ‘shrooms, and truffle slices) in just regular round shapes.

At just 15 bucks a pie, this is some incredibly wallet-friendly authentic neapolitan pizza delivered to your door. Shoppers can expect each pie to be handmade in Southern Italy, all-natural, and ready to eat after just 10 minutes in the oven. 

Moms will love this pizza not only because it’s heart-shaped and stuffed with inherent Italian romanticism, but also because Talia di Napoli has carbon-neutral shipping and eco-friendly packaging (because Mother Earth is a mom, too). 

And with Four at the checkout, their loved ones have the option to pay for these pies over four installments. If you’re looking for the perfect give to say “I love mom,” look no further. After all, as they say, “Life is too short to eat bad pizza.”

Jay Cutler — Fruity Cereal Whey Protein ($44.99)

Shop the Powder

Some of us have spent this pandemic hittin’ the couch and eating bread until we’re part baguette. Others have been undergoing a home workout transformation unlike anything the earth has ever seen. If you fall into the latter group, this next one’s for you.

Jay Cutler, the incredibly muscular (and veiny) bodybuilder, is definitely beefcake goals for a lot of folks. And with his own Total ISO Protein Powder in hand, they can all be one step closer to gaining that chiseled physique. 

With a tub of Jay Cutler 100% whey isolate protein powder, expect to get a massive 24 grams of protein per serving with a higher net protein yield with less fat, carbs, and calories than the competition. 

Whether you’re just hopping into fitness after a year-long hiatus or you’re continuing your swole journey, this is ideal for anyone who wants a clean, high-quality protein that’ll get you closer to meeting your gains goals. 

Plus, with flavors like fruity cereal, you might catch yourself indulging in a serving even on rest days. Grab a tub in 2- or 5-pound options, and even knock a couple bucks off the price when you subscribe. Or stock up on pow’ and use Sezzle to split up your payment into four installments. 

Order now and you, too, could look like the four-time Mr. Olympia come beach time. 😎

Basd — Coffee Body Scrub ($19.99)

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a bag of basd brand coffee body scrub

“With basd, it’s good to be nakd.”

Welp, we can’t argue with a line like that. Canada-bas(e)d body care brand basd is cranking out scrubs we love, like this Indulgent Creme Brulee Coffee Scrub. Filled with all the good stuff, and none of the bad stuff, basd was built to give badass women body care that keeps them going strong and feeling good. 

Every scrub is organic, cruelty-free, and made without parabens. (Like we said, just the good stuff.) It’s so good for you, in fact, that it scored a big, fat zero on Think Dirty’s Dirty Meter. And like golf, the lower the score, the better.

In every sack of sweet-smelling scrub, you can expect to find natural coffee-based exfoliator that’s loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural oils that’ll leave your skin fresh, soft, and smooth. The caffeine of the grounds can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness, while the almond oil aids against acne and other skin stuff that’s not perfect.

While basd boosts the relationship you have with your skin, it’s a brand also all about nurturing its relationship with customers. Shipping is ✨ free ✨ for orders over $30, and when you buy from basd’s site, rest assured that they’ll always work with you if you aren’t 100% stoked about your goods. 

Leatherman — Signal Multi-tool ($119.95)

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For nearly four decades, Leatherman has been forging endlessly useful multi-tools from Portland, Oregon. In 1975, founder Tim Leatherman was on a trip with his wife, Chau, and their finicky Fiat that needed love and attention more than your average car. He made due with his pocket knife, but found himself dreaming of a pair of pliers to accompany his knife. When they got home, he got to work on creating the first pliers-based multi-tool. 

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dad without one.

We know Leatherman isn’t a fresh new brand, but we’re pretty much in love with the versatility and endless possibilities wrapped up in the Leatherman Signal Multi-tool. Sure, this bad boy comes in seven different colors and can be customized to your heart’s content, but it also packs a load of tools to get you out of any tight spot.

The Signal’s toolset is based around a pair of iconic pliers, and it includes many of the usual multi-tool suspects like a knife, bottle opener, and bit driver. But gazing into every nook and cranny of this hefty helper reveals so much more:

  • Ferrocerium rod firestarter
  • Safety whistle
  • Diamond-coated sharpener
  • Wire stripper
  • Carabiner for carrying it everywhere

In total, the Signal boasts 19 tools that can help you tighten, loosen, cut, slice, sharpen, burn, grab, and pop open a cold one when all that work is done. At just 4.5 inches long, this tool is ideal for toting along in the glove box or camping pack for helping with anything from breakdowns to camping stakes.

Leatherman also offers a 25-year warranty and an option to split your purchase into four interest-free payments with Klarna. With so much customer care and options, there’s really no way to go wrong with a buy from Leatherman. 

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