Route’s Favorite Products: December 2020 Roundup

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Jan 21, 2021

It’s been QUITE THE YEAR. Even on our darkest days, though, we could find respite and peace throughout 2020 in a few fool-proof pick-me-ups: Our sourdough starters (affectionately named Slimer), Netflix watch lists, and online shopping.

Ecommerce is the engine that kept life bustling along during the worst pandemic this century. It not only helped us keep safe while shopping for essentials, but it also gave us some pleasure when “normal” was thrown off-kilter. Each month this year, we’ve been uncovering new brands and products that bring joy, ease, or simplicity to our lives—and December was no different.

See the goodies we’re bringing to the surface to help us keep ringing in the new year. Here’s to 2021!

Party like it’s the end of 2020 with these goods:

Helly Hansen – Puma X HH Polar Fleece ($130.00)

Shop the Polar Fleece

Winter weather is finally hitting the US. For some, it’s pretty cold outside when the weather just barely breaches freezing, while for others, winter isn’t truly here until every day is just another day in a polar vortex and it hurts to breathe the air.

Whatever the winter weather threshold is for you, Helly Hansen has something to keep you cozy. The Puma X HH Polar Fleece is warm and lightweight, making it a primo piece to add to your outdoors layering collection. This full-zip jacket features elastic cuffs to keep out the powder and and reflective tape along the upper back for better visibility.

With the combined knowledge and expertise of Puma and HH, this future-forward technical piece was built to keep you warm while providing ventilation for whatever sweat you break while skiing, hiking, jogging, and beyond.

This Norwegian company was founded in 1877. Its longevity alone is a testament to the quality synonymous with Helly Hensen, but just in case, there’s a 90-day return policy to put your  mind at ease. Combine that with free shipping, and picking up one of these to ride out the winter isn’t a bad idea at all.

Huckberry – Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip ($75.00)

Shop the wallet and clip

Things we hate: 

  • Stepping in gum
  • Breaking our favorite coffee mug
  • Bulky wallets that don’t fit in any reasonable pants pocket

Things we love:

  • Bernie Sanders’ hand-made mittens
  • Dancing along to Mr. Brightside in big crowds
  • Wallets that fit everything and  still fit in our pockets

While Huckberry can’t quite satiate all our loves on that list, the trendy brand can help us in one department—wallets. Meet our new favorite, the Ridge Aluminum Wallet and Money Clip. 

This puppy fits up to 12 cards, keeps cash accessible via the sleek money clip, and it employs RFID blocking technology to keep your identity safe and sound.

With four color options and weighing only 2 ounces, you can store everything in one svelte package that easily slips into the slimmest of pockets. (This probably isn’t the best option if you’re someone who carries a lot of change, but then again, who carries change anymore?)

Also, if you haven’t perused Huckberry’s catalog of curated products yet, this is the time to do it. Huckberry brings together some of the coolest brands and gadgets in one store, and while most of it is geared toward men, we think the majority is gender-neutral and more about uplifting your lifestyle.

Beckett Simonon – Dowler Boots ($229.00)

Shop the Dowler Boots

You’ll be unstoppable in 2021 if you march into it in a pair of Beckett Simonon Dowler Boots. Crafted from gold-rated Italian leather (which means quality and sustainability), these boots are committed to form and function while you kick butt in the year ahead.

With a Vachette leather insole and spacious toe box, your feet will stay cool and comfortable instead of hot and cramped. You’ll wear these for years to come, and you won’t even have to toss them when the sole wears through. The Dowler Boots are resoleable, so go ahead and put on all the miles you can muster.

Beckett Simonon is known for long-lasting, durable products, but they’re also good at keeping prices low. Skipping middlemen, their factory-direct model passes savings onto you, the customer. 

And with free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges, shopping with Beckett Simonon is as easy as it gets.

SODA Shades – Franklin Blue Light Glasses ($75.00)

Shop the Franklin Blue Light Glasses

The past year has put most of us squarely in front of a computer screen all day, every day. And while all the screen time is necessary for learning, working, shopping, and playing, it’s not the best for our eyes. Thankfully, SODA Shades is here to help out our peepers for good!

In case you didn’t know, all those screens emit blue light, and the more we stare into it, the more eye strain and headaches we face. It’s uncomfortable, stressful, and could cause more trouble in the long-run. This pair of Franklin Blue Light Glasses was built to block all that blue light, though, which will:

  • Reduce eye strain and headaches
  • Minimize dry eyes and eye fatigue
  • Improve eye comfort and focus 
  • Improve sleep quality

Not only do these specs boost your eye health, they’re also stylish and modern. Most designs are unisex, and all designs are built to last with a 5-barrel silver hinge. SODA Shades is a relatively new company, founded in 2020, but the folks who run the show truly care about the customers. They make sure to offer the best experience, starting with additional ergonomic tips and free shipping worldwide and 15-day returns. 

Grove Collaborative – All-Natural Hand Sanitizer ($7.95)

Shop hand sanitizer

We’re back on the hand sanitizer train. Yes, the pandemic is still raging in the US, but this past year has also taught us about some basic hygiene habits we can carry with us well past quarantimes. We can all mask more during cold and flu season, we should all keep washing our hands, and hand sanitizer is useful in pretty much any scenario.

Grove Collaborative’s hand sanitizer is one of our favorites. It murders 99.9% of germs while moisturizing your hands to baby softness. It’s made in the US and comes into two lovely scents—blood orange and lavender. 

It’s true that lots of companies are churning out hand sanitizer—especially in the wake of the coronavirus. But few companies do it quite like Grove Collaborative. Grove is fiercely sustainable, committed to all-natural ingredients, and aiming to be 100% plastic-free by 2025. Customers can rest well knowing their purchase from Grove Collaborative is good for them and good for the planet.

Coolhaus – EnojyMINT for All Ice Cream ($72 per six pack)

Shop Coolhaus Ice Cream

We could all use some more ice cream these days. No matter how tough your daily grind is, a scoop of this sweet stuff can be the perfect pick-me-up. Coolhaus Ice Cream churns out lots of super premium flavors and dairy-free varieties, including Take the Cannoli, Aunt Gladys’ Yellow Cake Batter, and, of course, EnjoyMINT for All that “combines a decadent peppermint base with a rich trail of chocolate cookie crumbs and a gooey purple marshmallow swirl.”

“Coolhaus is known for being badass ice cream and dairy-free dessert experts, but as a queer-owned business, we also go to work every day to celebrate equality, love, empowerment, and pride.”

The mission is to lead by example to inspire other women and queer people to start businesses and change the world. We support that mission—and this drool-inducing ice cream—and support it by piecing together a custom 6-pack of pints and having it delivered right to our door.

Tone It Up – Vanilla Organic Protein ($47.99)

Shop protein powder

OK, so you’ve finished off the entire 6-pack of Coolhaus ice cream, and you’re looking at making a few tweaks to your diet. If you’re looking to pack in more protein, we suggest giving Tone It Up Vanilla Organic Protein a try.

This plant-based protein is smooth and sweet while packing 15 grams of protein per service. Tone It Up is the leading fitness and wellness community for women, by women, and its products reflect that. Everything is certified organic, non-GMO, dairy- and gluten-free, and vegan. 

Swish it into milk, stir it into water, or even add it to your baking. Tone It Up offers a full roundup of recipes and tips for its products, so if you’re not feeling like having ANOTHER smoothie, explore where else you can incorporate more muscle-building protein in your life. 

When you’re done slurping your latest protein creation, give their app a look-see, too. The mission of Tone It Up is to create a comprehensive and inclusive fitness community, and protein powder is just the tip of the iceberg.

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