Route’s Favorite Products: April 2021 Roundup

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May 11, 2021

School is winding down. The pandemic is waning. The clouds are parting and, if you listen very carefully, a cherubic choir is harmonizing in the distance. With spring in full-swing, April brought the nation a lot of hope—and a lot to look forward to.

With summer practically banging down the door already, it’s time to harness all the hopeful energy and take full advantage of summertime fun (ya know, to make up for how blah last summer was). Last month, we discovered a heap of goodies from brands embracing fun, and we want to share them with y’all.

Peruse this roster of favorites, get inspired, and maybe even snatch up a couple of these toys for yourself and make the most of the summer ahead. From clothes that’ll complete your sunshiney look to products that’ll get you enjoying the great outdoors, this product roundup is one to sink your teeth into. 

Step outside this summer

Onewheel — Onewheel Pint ($950)

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the onewheel pint one-wheeled skateboard on a tan backaground

Meet one the biggest evolutions in transportation since the 2000 debut of the iconic Razor kick scooter. Touted as “small, light, and nimble,” this one-wheeled wonder is ready to get you to class, make your work commute exciting, or explore some off-road terrain. But one look at it, and you might be wondering what this witchcraft really is.

At a glance, the Onewheel Pint is basically a thick tire plunged in the middle of a skateboard. Adventurous riders place their feet on either side of the tire, balancing their way on the ride.

For gearheads, it’s much more than that. The durable tire is actually stuffed with a Hypercore brushless motor that can propel a ride up to 16 MPH for roughly 7 miles per charge.

There’s no remote to fuss with as riders simply lean forward to accelerate while still being able to stop on a dime. The Pint is the “fun-size” iteration of the beefier, faster (and more expensive) Onewheel XR. The Pint comes complete with headlights, a convenient handle, customizability to fit your taste. 

Plus, the Onewheel app puts all your stats and riding styles in one place, making how you ride just as customizable as the board itself.

The Onewheel Pint is designed and made in fun-loving California, so it’s no surprise that good times are baked into this product—and hundreds of five-star reviews seem to agree. Thanks to Klarna, you won’t have to foot the $950 up front. Instead, pay just $53 per month for 18 months (with no interest), which is basically the price of bus fare. Then rest-assured that your Pint is good to go under the free year-long warranty.

OK, we’ve gabbed about this goody enough, but one last thing: The Onewheel could be just the cure for getting out and seeing your city from a whole new POV this summer. If you’re itchin’ for post-pandemic adventure, this is a great place to start.

Linus Bike — Felix e6100 ($2899)

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Electric bikes (or e-bikes) have become more popular the past decade. In 2020, the global e-bike market sat at $40 billion and is forecasted to grow beyond $70 billion by 2027. Just like the innovative aforementioned Onewheel, the fun and benefits of electric bikes are catching on for a few reasons:

photo of a dark blue electric bike built by Linus Bikes
  • Makes biking more accessible for people who need a little boost.
  • Extends how far people can bike with the help of a motor.
  • Turns boring commutes to work or class fast and stress-free.
  • Opens up more opportunities for steep terrain while mountain biking.
  • Helps out parents who might be hauling around trailers of children.
  • Expands opportunity to exercise and explore the neighborhood.
photo of a dark blue electric bike built by Linus Bikes

As if “having fun” wasn’t a good enough reason to grab an electric bike, there are so many more you could use to justify this admittedly spendy investment. At nearly $3K, this is a more expensive bike than, say, your garage sale find. However, there’s good reason for the cost.

The Felix e6100 by Linus Bikes is handsomely designed from the ground up—which is exactly what had us drooling. The timeless colors, unobtrusive motor, vintage chain guard, and slight radius to the top tube and luggage rack have us dreaming about pedaling to the market to buy flowers along cobblestone streets in some small European village…

Aside from a top-notch design and durable materials, the Shimano motor is lightweight and slender, yet powerful enough to offer Class I pedal assist up to 20 MPH. The Felix eliminates the intimidation of big hills or long distances, which makes new and seasoned bikers alike rejoice. 

Linus offers Affirm financing at checkout, so you could choose to pay $241 per month for 12 months at no interest in lieu of $2899 at once. Customers can also choose to have their new ride sent to a dealer and assembled by a pro for free or have it sent to their door for a true hands-on adventure. Whichever you choose, though, you’ll end up with a pretty sexy bike that can get you buzzing from point A to B without even breaking a sweat. 

Gecko Hawaii — Gecko Beach Tank Top ($26.95)

Shop Gecko Hawaii

gecko hawaii tshirt with fun 1990's neon pattern on a white tank top

If you’re having a hard time getting in the summer spirit, slip into anything from Gecko Hawaii and get ready for the vibes to hit. Yes, that’s right. That Gecko Hawaii, the clothing and accessories brand that built its empire on neon colors, zig-zag patterns, and a cool gecko wearing sunglasses. Started in Hawaii during a wild time called “The ‘80s,” the brand was designed to appeal to surf and skate countercultures. Soon, every kid wanted to feel like a totally tubular trend-setter, sending Gecko Hawaii into huge demand.

As the brand fanatics aged out of the bright, zany clothes, though, Gecko Hawaii trimmed back production at the dawn of the millennium and basically went extinct by 2010. Thankfully, the crumminess of 2020 was enough to push the original founders back to producing old throwbacks and new products just in time to lift all of our spirits. 

We picked this tank because it sums up the ‘80s and ‘90s pretty succinctly—bright, fun, free-spirited, maybe on a beach, definitely geckos. This is also the most wallet-friendly way to get into the swing of summer. Plus, it’s the perfect top for any event.

While you’re perusing the site, check out the pants, windbreakers, beach balls, and every other homage to ‘80s days. From production to materials to patterns and fit, this brand is committed to the vibes of yore without taking any shortcuts. With several ways to pay—PayPal, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and good ol’ card—picking up this tank in preparation for summer 2021 could take mere seconds. What’re you waiting for? Let’s gecko!

The House — Ronix Spring Break Wakeboard ($279.95)

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image of a turquoise wakeboard with a graphic of a pink ice cream bar on it

Winter during a global pandemic turned many of us into unsuspecting outdoor enthusiasts. Cabin fever eventually pushed people off the couch cushions and into adopting new wintry activities like snowboarding, cross country skiing, and ice skating. 

This renaissance of getting outside and trying new things caused truly surprising shortages in inventory of equipment like snowshoes, and we’re predicting that this trend flows right into summer like Capri Sun through a teensy yellow straw. 

Cue your new favorite summer activity:
wakeboarding 😎

Described as a combo of surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding, wakeboarding is a fun way to rip behind a boat stuffed with your friends on your favorite sky blue waters. At just a few decades old, wakeboarding started as “skurfing” and peaks in popularity every summer. 

Wakeboarders strap into bindings on a board, grab onto a boat tow rope, and carve the waves as much as they want in the wake. This could be just cruisin’ up to flips and tricks at 30 MPH. Whatever your speed, just hang loose and enjoy the ride. 

The Ronix Spring Break Nu Core 2.0 features all-over flex, a continuous rocker, and a new board shape that’s ideal for all levels of rider (including us noobs). We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the fun-inducing ice cream artwork, too. 

Plus, The House offers free ground shipping for orders totaling more than 50 bucks and two Buy Now, Pay Later options—PayPal Pay in 4 and Affirm financing over your pick of 3, 6, or 12 months. Grab your wakeboard now and pay a little bit for big fun throughout the whole summer.

StoreYourBoard — 5-Bike Wall Storage Rack & Shelf ($129.99)

Shop StoreYourBoard

All of these summertime hobbies are fun and games until you wake up one day and realize you’re sleeping in a veritable REI in your own home. Bikes, helmets, air pumps, boards, skates, skis, and kits take up every closet and corner you can muster.

picture of a metal sotrage rack and shelf holding five bikes and three helmets

That’s exactly the scenario that drew us to this rack and shelf to help store and organize some of these outdoor goods. StoreYourBoard produces loads of clever storage options for gear and tools, but this rack is great for avid bikers and their family (who, we’re assuming, also like to bike). 

This handsome rack lovingly holds up to five bikes off the cold, dirty ground with rubber-coated hooks that won’t bend or mar. You can pick and choose where the hooks go to accommodate varying handlebar lengths, and the shelf up top is ideal for helmets, tools, oils, and spare parts for speedy repairs. 

Made of heavy-duty steel and built to hold up to 300 pounds (plus 100 pounds on the shelf), you won’t have to sweat a wimpy product that can’t hold up your bikes. And because StoreYourBoard knows you have unique needs, they offer total customization of the rack. So grab the rack that holds five bikes, or customize it to hold skis, golf bags, fat tire bikes, rackets, ropes, and beyond. 

And with the added bonuses of free shipping, a 90-day hassle-free return policy, and express payment through PayPal and Amazon Pay, getting this is as seamless and satisfying as organizing all your summertime gear.  

Luxe Hiking Gear — Megahorn Tipi with Wood Stove ($219)

Shop Luxe Hiking Gear

a tan portable tipi with a metal stove pipe coming out of the top.

The Megahorn Tipi is the perfect outfit for up to four people who want to camp come wind, rain, hail, or snow. What drew our eyes to this product was its versatility no matter the season alongside its lightweight size and impressive space. 

Like we said, you can put up to four people in this bad boy. And that’s not four people bent in weird positions to fit within the hexagonal footprint. We mean four people sleeping comfortably on cots.

Tested in whatever extremes mother nature can throw out, this tipi has proven its strength in backcountry, bushcraft, survival prepping, backpacking, bike touring, and, yes, regular campground camping.

The best part? This tipi comes complete with a stove jack port for use with an internal wood stove. Even if the great outdoors brings you whiteout blizzard conditions, fire up a wood stove and keep toasty warm in this cozy retreat.

Of course, the summertime probably won’t have you seeing many snowstorms, but investing in this means you can keep the good times rolling right from hot days to cold weather—sweet teas to hot toddies. With summer just around the corner, the great outdoors and yellin’ for you louder than ever. Dip into any of this gear to start up new hobbies (or simply look cool lounging around). 

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