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A gift guide for the people, by the people.

2020. Let’s just skip the hyperbole and call it like we see it: it was a rough year. After all that’s happened, getting to the holidays without the best gift ideas shouldn’t add to your stress. Instead of a gift guide full of paid spots and products you’ll never use, we went right to the people and asked, “What do you want?” The gifts below are 100% crowdsourced from you!

Whether you’re after some stocking stuffers, the perfect gifts for parents, or you’re all in on yourself this year, this gift guide will come in handy. After all, it was made by you, for you! 

For the Fashionistas

Ya know, the folks in your life who take pleasure in lookin’ good and smellin’ good—even when there is literally nowhere to go. Take a peek at our gifts for fashionistas (or folks who enjoy good hygiene in general) and find perfection for someone on your list.

Hyaluronic Sea Serum by OSEA Malibu

Cold, dry, winter weather is here, so the name of the game is now “HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE.” Give the gift of good skin while brightening, firming, and fighting aging with Hyaluronic Sea Serum by OSEA. 


Oral-B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

What’s better to match a beautiful clean face than beautiful clean teeth? This Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush (the real name is much longer) was rated the best toothbrush by The New York Times. Best of all, unlike many other options, this toothbrush won’t break the bank.


Lush Snow Fairy

Upgrade your bath game with Lush Cosmetics’ Snow Fairy bundle. Get bubbly with the Snow Fairy Bubble Bar or unleash a sea of pink with the Snow Fairy Bath Bomb. Smell great with the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, then soften up the skin with the body conditioner.


Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson might just know everything there is to know about air. The best vacuums, the best hand dryers, the best fans, and the best hair care products. The Dyson Hairdryer takes a normal hairdryer and adds a dash of science. The result? The fastest dryer that won’t destroy your hair with high heat. 


Kith Hoodie

Kith is one of the major names in streetwear. Unlike other brands, however, Kith is not just about the hype. For Kith founder Ronnie Fieg, quality is key. Take the Kith Williams III hoodie for example. Heavy 500 GSM cotton fleece, raised embroidering, and a comfortable fit. Plus, it just looks incredible.


Kith Converse 

Make sure you don’t forget the matching shoes. Kith has done collabs with Nike, Adidas, Versace, and more. The Kith x Converse sneakers are simple and subtle with small details that’ll be sure to turn heads.


Jordan 11 Jubilee

Michael Jordan first changed the sneaker world in 1985 with the release of the Air Jordan 1. Then, in 1995, he changed the world again with the Air Jordan 11. Worn throughout the ‘95-’96 Bulls season, the 11s only compare to the 1s in terms of hype and desire. The Jordan 11 Jubilee marks the 25th anniversary of the Jordan 11s in a beautiful black and white colorway.


Cecile Sequin Top

Another sneaker! Just kidding. This year is perfect for getting all dressed up with nowhere to go, and there’s truly nothing better than this gold sequin shirt by Böhme. Not only is it Festive AF, it’s also the perfect holiday piece for all of your virtual gatherings. Stick to sweatpants on the bottom, but exude the holiday spirit with sparkle, shine, glam, and all we’ve ever wanted in a top. 


Nomatic Sling Backpack

Complete your ‘fit with the best looking backpack out there. Nomatic (headquartered in Utah, hey neighbors!) creates great looking, highly functional bags. The sling backpack holds the things you need without getting in the way. Plus, it has clever features like reflective bars, a hidden bottle pocket, a key leash, a card holder, and an RFID safe pocket. 


For the Foodies

Who doesn’t like food? Nobody. That’s the answer. Raid our pantry of gifts fit for anyone who likes indulging, branching out, or cooking a fine homemade meal straight from the Instant Pot.

Professional Dehydrator

Imagine making your own sweet beef jerky from home. It’s actually not that hard. Just grab a Magic Mill Food Dehydrator. But it’s not just for jerky. Fruits, vegetables, bread, flowers, granola, and more. The possibilities are dry and endless.


Brightland Mini Essentials

Not all olive oil is created equal. Just try Brightland’s mini essentials to find out. The Mini essentials comes with four bottles of different olive oils perfect for different flavors and foods. Need more of a citrusy flavor? Or a buttery flavor? How about a berry flavor? Each bottle is its own adventure.


Salt & Straw Ice Cream Subscription

Salt & Straw makes some of the best ice cream this side of the Mississippi—and now you can make sure your friends or family get some every single month. Pick how long you want to ship out ice cream, choose the variety of seasonal flavors, and listen for the tiny screams of joy from friends near or far when they get their monthly delivery.


Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker

An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is an essential item for any home chef. Period. But the Instant Pot Duo Nova cooks more than you might think. It’s a 7-in-1 machine that works as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, and—surprisingly—yogurt maker.


Universal Yums Subscription

This season, give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to Universal Yums. Every month, Universal Yums sends out snacks from a different country. November featured Italy, October was Russia, and September saw snacks from Colombia. Even though traveling is on a bit of a hiatus right now, at least your tastebuds can still traverse the globe.


For the Homebodies

This year has made us all homebodies. And ya know what? We kinda like it. Safe, secure, comforting, and full of the hum of Netflix and nap times. Why not give the gift of an even more cozy abode? Check out what’s up next.

Easy Breather Pillow

Finding the right pillow can be harder than finding the right house, car, boyfriend, whatever. Some are too soft and some are too firm. Some are too thick and some are too thin. The Easy Breather Pillow from Nest Bedding is just right.


Taotronics Humidifier

Fight back against the cold, dry winter air with a Taotronics humidifier with Essential Oils Tray. What makes Taotronics’ humidifier great is the ease of refilling as well as the easy loading for essential oils. Adjusting mist output is simple, giving you the gift of complete control over nothing more than the humidity in any room.


YZZ COLLECTION Queen Bedding Duvet Cover Set

In case you haven’t heard, cottagecore is in. Floral pattern lovers rejoice! Check out the YZZ COLLECTION duvet cover. It’s got a beautiful yellow botanical pattern that will complement your growing cottagecore aesthetic. 🤟


Decorative Stained Glass Window Stickers

No need to go to a professional to get a custom stained glass window for your home. Just order some decorative stained glass window film and cut it to match the size and shape of your window. You’ll get beautiful colors streaming in and more importantly, sweet, sweet privacy.


Furniture Moving Tool

Got the feng shui bug? Thinking about remodeling your living room? Living by yourself in the middle of a pandemic and can’t have anyone over to help? Don’t worry about having to lift and move heavy furniture on your own. With a furniture moving tool, you can lift your furniture onto wheels and easily position it in the place you want. Energy’s not flowing right? Easily lift and wheel elsewhere.


LED Light Strips

The finishing touch for any space is some rad lighting. Pick up some sticky LED strips and throw them behind your TV for a cool halo effect. Or stick ‘em under a shelf for some light in the shadows. Best of all, the LED strips can change color and be controlled with a simple mobile app. Take this time to make your place as cool as can be so you can really wow your friends when they’re able to come over again.


Home Karaoke Machine

Once we’re out of quarantine, liven up your parties with an at-home karaoke machine. This one from RHM has a speaker included and can plug into your TV for the ultimate karaoke experience. Now all you’ve gotta worry about is your singing voice…


Galaxy Lamp

Bring the night sky indoors with a Galaxy Lamp. These spherical lights were designed using real NASA imagery. They’re soothing to look at and can be set to 16 different colors. Curl up in bed, turn it on, and contemplate the universe. 


Sonos Surround Set

Face it, the speakers in your TV aren’t cutting it and it’s been sooo long since you heard the booming surround sound of a movie theater. The Sonos Surround Set features the Sonos Arc (soundbar), a subwoofer, and a pair of Sonos SL speakers. The result? Movie theater-quality surround sound in your home.


Xbox Series X

Yes, this puppy is notoriously hard to get your hands on. But that’s because the new Xbox Series X is a serious powerhouse and the latest entry in the next-gen console battle. It’s the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever. Play stunning 4K quality games up to 120fps. This is the future of gaming—if you can find one.


For the Workaholics

Work work work work work. Amiright? For those of us who’ve turned some unused corner into a home office this year, these goodies make the WFH experience just a bit better. See what other folks recommend for moving the bod, blocking out the noise, and getting down to work from the comfort of home.

Walking Treadmill

Work-from-home life. If you had said back in January we’d all be WFH this year, you’d have been called crazy. But here we are. As easy as it can be to plug in for 12 hours at a time while you’re working from home, make sure you keep the blood pumping and stay active. A walking treadmill desk keeps you healthy and productive at the same time.


Standing Desk Converter

If you’re tired of sitting at your home desk all day long, but you don’t want to work on a treadmill, grab a desk converter. Instantly transform your sitting desk to a standing desk with the 32-inch risers. There’s even a built in tray for your keyboard. Now you’re a productivity ninja!


AirPod Pros

Are you cool? Wanna look cool? Like pretty much any product stamped with the Apple logo, AirPod Pros have become this generation’s most defining status symbol. Wireless, tiny, noise-cancelling, and instantly recognizable. Not only do they make you look cool, but AirPod Pros sound great and play very nicely with Apple products. 


iPad 8th Gen

Is it any surprise so many Apple products made the list? Not only are they just so easy to use, but they look great and work beautifully. The iPad is the universal king of tablets and the 8th gen iPad has all the power of other iPad models without the high price. 


New MacBook Air

Remember when the MacBook Air launched? The commercial where it was pulled out of a plain manila envelope changed the game for laptops. Now Apple’s done it again. The latest MacBook Air is fitted with Apple’s Apple Silicon M1 chip, which has created processing power multiple times greater than previous Intel chips. Translation: A wicked fast, crazy thin computer.


Sony Over-ear Headphones

Block out the noise and get in the zone with Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones. They’re the best noise cancelling experience available. They’re comfortable. They sound great. And they’re wireless. Is there anything these headphones can’t do? 


For the Outdoor Adventurers

Being outdoors is one of the safest places to be during this pandemic. Plus, it doesn’t take much outdoors time to realize all there is to be thankful for. Trees, solitude, maybe a li’l babbling brook nearby. Wherever you go in the great outdoors, these are some sweet gadgets to help you along the journey.

Petzl NOMIC Ice-axe 

Get the adrenaline flowing this winter! Go ice climbing. The Petzl NOMIC Ice-axe sets the standard for ice axes. You’ll hardly worry about taking a fall with Petzl’s long pick, ergonomic handle, and small hammer for putting in pitons. 


Jump Starter & Power Bank 

Make sure you stay safe while you’re out on adventures. Pick up a 12V Jump Starter and Power Bank right now. It fits in your glovebox and gives all the instructions for jumping a car on an LCD screen. Plus, it’ll charge any USB-A or USB-C connected phone. Never stress getting stranded after a long day of climbing, fishing, or enjoying the outdoors away from all other humans. 


2-person Backpacking Tent

Whether it’s a backcountry ski outing mid-winter or a 50-mile hike during the peak of summer, stay prepared with a lightweight backpacking tent. At only 3 lbs. 4 oz., the Highlander 2-person is a great option. If you’re an ultralighter, you can skip the aluminum poles and use your trekking poles for support instead.


DemerBox TRUETIMBER Rift Speaker

Fact: DemerBox makes indestructible Bluetooth speakers. Its latest invention, the TRUETIMBER Rift, is built in a Pelican box. Translation: We dare you to try and crush it. Plus, it’s waterproof, has space to hold your keys and phone, can charge your phone, and it just sounds plain awesome. We don’t know what risky, dangerous, or tumultuous situation you’re in right now, but don’t sweat your speaker safety with this gift.


Fitbit Sense

While you’re out adventuring, make sure you stay in touch with your body with Fitbit Sense, a smartwatch that tracks your fitness, sleep, and important body metrics with features like ECG, SpO2, and stress management. Fitbit Sense has a 6-day long-lasting battery, works with Google Assistant and Alexa, and connects with the Fitbit app.


Solo Stove Lite Gear Kit

While you’re out enjoying the wilderness in your two-person backpacking tent, you’re going to need some grub eventually. (Or like, you know, whoever you’re shopping for this year.) The Lite Gear Kit by Solo Stove is a complete camping stove kit outfitted with a windscreen, a pot, tinder, fire striker, and more. 


Off to the Races, Rudolph

With a large portion of all holiday shopping being done online, this is not the year to wait until the last minute to get your gifts. Shipping carriers are strained with the increased volume and delays or mistakes have risen this year.

Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution. With Route you’ll be able to track each and every package from the moment it ships until the moment it hits your doorstep. Download the app now!